Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Mireille Eagan
Michael Venart
Andrea Crabbe
Chris Giles
Karen Ruet


So glad you could join us!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

What's a Tread?

Three of the four Tread published for the BlackTop reading raid on 1 Sept @ Fredericton City Hall Square.

In the tradition of rob mclennan's ongoing above/ground press poem broadseet series and the less frequent a little something . . . broadsheets from Broken Jaw Press, some members of the BlackTop have started producing Tread broadsheets to hand out at the gang's "reading raids" and elsewhere.

Each Tread opens to reveal a piece of wordage that you can pin to your wall like a poster. They also have a bio note informing or obscuring the writer-author. They may even have author photos or somesuch representation. Who knows for sure until after they happen and you've been raided . . . :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

more BlackToppers

wasn't there . . . where? . . . on the weekend or (?) when it happened but it appears the M+M [Mireille Eagan + Michael Venart] are now in the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang. Here they are captured against the railing in Wi(l)ser's during the 'appy 'our raid that netted Andrea and Karen after another of Broken Joe's Random Acts of Poetry.

Monday, October 15, 2007

raid on the studio of a blacktop motorcyle gang artist

it was an overcast evening and pre-halloween zombies were howling in the back alleys when when the writing hurts like hell workshop descended on studio4ward to poke around, listen to the sights, hear the colors, smell the contours, and touch the magic of a place of where miracles are born.

words were written and words were recited, and in the end, something happened.

writers took another step towards becoming writers.

from left to right are bill, fiona, jilanna, jolene, judy, ian, and claire. seated is whitefeather, a brilliant crafter, artist, singer, writer and incredibly special person, thinking wonderful thoughts about writer soup, similar to tourist soup (which can trigger recipe searches), but with a little more imagery.

missing from the pic is jenn, but she was there in spirit.


Good news all - Chris Giles has, upon request by four members of the BTMG, agreed to join us in our verbal reverie.
WELCOME CHRIS!! Get ready to raid and burn up entire towns with words too hot for words.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

still working like crazy for odd sunday at molly's

still working like crazy on "one-eyed josephine is on the loose tonight" for the reading raid at molly's this sunday ... oct 21.

in fact, i even have a special shirt for the occasion ... my "one-eyed josephine blacktop motorcyle gang reading raid on odd sunday's at molly's madness shirt" ... here's what it looks like ...

after the reading, i'm giving it away, buttons and all ...

btw, i may need to borrow a skirt and a big purse from somebody ... not for anything weird ... well, yeah, for something weird ...

reading raid at studio4ward

it was a fiercely non-stormy day about to break with rain and fire four when members of the blacktop motorcycle gang converged on studio4ward for a reading raid

the audience was aghast

but the raid was a rave

don't miss the pandemonium and havoc next sunday when odd sundays at molly's features the blacktop motorcycle gang

Friday, October 5, 2007

the gang grows!

The gods were laughing today as they watched mortals trying so damn hard to be happy in the hours before un- took over. They shook the earth. Mmembers of the Blacktop MotorCycle Gang had to swerve around or jump widening cracks in the roadways as two new members landed in their midst:

Andrea Crabbe, seen here with BTMGer and blogmistress WhiteFeather, is one of the new gangsters.

Earlier today, at Gallery Connexion, Karen Ruet was a willing listener for a Random Act of Poetry (not to be confused with a BTMG "reading raid") by BTMGer Broken Joe. Tonight, absent though she was, Karen became a Blacktop.

A hearty welcome and clinking of glasses ensued before the merry band headed out lookin' for adventure . . .