Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Night Before Robbie Burns Day

You don't have to be Scottish

Saturday, January 24, 2009 at 7:30pm
(after the BAG and ConneXion exhibition openings @ The Beaverbrook Art Gallery. 703 Queen St)

'Tis the night before Robbie Burns day and all through the world, denizens are partying, rollicking and . . . well, drinking Scotch, eating haggis, reading poetry, dropping down drunk and throwing up.

This is a BlackTop MotorCycle Gang reading raid open to the public. It will start at Biff's place (158 Brunswick Street, Apt 3-C . . . behind the big red brick house with the huge balcony and porch between Smythe and Northumderland . . . Biff's building is around back) with readings from Robbie (for those who want to read . . . find them here,, and a good old Scottish chili and other snacks (bringing food is optional). Joe Blades will be bringing haggis (the most delicious haggis in the world and the only haggis I'll ever eat).

We'll meet at 7:30. After drinking (and you can bring whatever you want...for those of you with defective taste buds that won't accept Scotch) we'll head to the Robbie Burns statue on the Green (which is absent at the moment, but Broken Joe is bringing a bust) to read to his ghost.

And then, it's just pure party-your-ass-off.