Tuesday, January 29, 2008

of burns and merriment ... and much Scotch whiskey

It was a night of angels blushing in deep folding of Scotched embrace ... when Bobbie's words spilled drunkenly o'er the snowy statue's base ...

... reading to Chris as Burns ....

... Burns ... well ... sort of approves ...

... the haggis ... cooked by Broken Joe ... and delicious ...

... our newest member ... Heidi ....

... our official BTMG groupie ... Deanna ..

... and the gang is loose in the streets ... Scotch and all ...

... and n'er was Bobbie happier.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Haggis and whiskey and poems, OH MY!

Thanks Joe, for the haggis!
Thanks Biff, for the whiskey!
Both kept us warm around the statue of Burns.

What a fabulous night of slurring ye olde Scotsman's words it was!

Reluctant as I was to try the haggis, I was actually delightfully surprised that it tasted so good! I drilled Joe for the exact ingredients before I delved, imagining the legendary sheep stomach, brains, tongue, whatever... but Joe had been kind and only used lamb and liver and oats and spices. Later, he took his box o' haggis to the bar with him and I saw several burly men pawing it into their mouths. That haggis got around.

We finished off the evening with a screening of Borat, accompanied by meatballs and chicken wings and chips and more... thanks to the ever-generous Biff... some of us, however, were snoring merrily on the floor and in a papazan, after a bit too much whiskey.

That reminds me: Welcome to our first official BTMG groupie: Deanna Musgrave~

Saturday, January 26, 2008


OLd Skull is back. He got over the "Abandon live all ye who enter here" thang and Hiedi Irvine has been voted into the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang. Welcome! Welcome!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Robbie Burns Day reading raid!

The next Blacktop Motorcycle Gang reading raid happens today,
Friday, January 25th, Robbie Burns Day,
in commemoration of the poet whiskey-lover.

A pre-raid party will go down at Biff's abode
for gang members and their posse, at 5pm!

Reading will follow at the Burns statue,
Southside riverside, Fredericton Green
'tween the BAG & winter-housed ladies of the fountain.

Bring your flask and your ear for ye olde poesy!